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                   Featured Artist of the Month        
JC Sol

Canadian-born JC Sol is a multi-talented singer/songwriter and performer, whose passion and love of R&B and the Adult Contemporary sound has raised her profile in the world of independent artists. JC delivers a smooth and sensual vocal offering that has found a way of capturing the soulful grooves of that special retro sound while creating current and refreshing productions. Not new to the music scene, JC Sol is a legacy artist who has toured for many years as a lead vocalist, providing entertainment on a global level. Today, JC’s special brand of songwriting and production has garnered a fan-based popularity from R & B and Adult Contemporary music enthusiasts all over the world. Her original release of “Our Groove” in March of 2022 was met with gratifying success, earning global acclaim by North American and European R & B/Smooth Jazz Radio Stations and Curators alike. “Our Groove” also received the honour of being among the top ten finalists in the prestigious “World Songwriting Awards” for Best R & B Song of 2022 Influenced by the original track’s success, a dance Remix of “Our Groove” continued to build momentum, followed by the horn inspired “Best of Things,” heart wrenching “Unrequited Love”, smash hit duet, “Callin’ Out” with fellow vocalist Jason Simmons and a stirring holiday cover of Joni Mitchell’s “River” with world award winning pianist Yulia Petrova. In addition, JC has recently received the Central Standard Time Show’s 2023 Artist of the Year Award for her airplay on the STL Smooth Jazz network out of St. Louis, Missouri. A classic cover track set to be released in early 2024 by Canadian Label, Dance Plant Records Inc., is sure to make its mark on the music charts. With a focus on producing her very first EP of original songs in 2024, JC continues to do what she does best, recording self-penned songs filled with love and positivity, that fuse all genres influenced through her remarkable musical journey.

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